Following the creation of the iconic Orfeo model, after a year and a half of work, after eighteen months of careful tuning, we created a classically beautiful Calliope column, built on the same fundamental values that Orfeo honors – luxury from the outside and technological brilliance inside.

The large Calliope enclosures are a true masterpiece, full of detail, where you will appreciate the precise handwork of extremely experienced carpenters. Combined with a stone base, a true luxury object is created, worthy of space in any interior. In addition, the enclosures are designed not only aesthetically, but the comprehensive internal bracing system and multi-layer damping complementary to each other create an ideal environment for the speakers used.

Both AudioBarletta front drives and the massive passive diaphragms of our own brand at the back come from Italy and are designed and manufactured specifically for this model. Magnetic circuits are the largest that can be physically used for given diaphragm diameters.

The frequency crossover combines parallel and serial driver connections, utilizing Fase Zero technology for a perfect connection of the bands and is equipped with the highest quality Mundorf and Jantzen components.


  • handmade solid oak enclosures, which are worked for several days due to their rugged shapes and extraordinary thickness
  • complex internal bracing system for perfect cabinet rigidity
  • AudioBarletta drivers custom-made to the highest possible standards and manufactured in Italy with oversized magnetic “motors” and carefully selected diaphragms
  • labyrinth working chamber of the tweeter
  • all drivers are paired by hand
  • short-circuiting copper rings in magnetic systems that make the drives more precise
  • technologically advanced crossovers with precision Mundorf and Jantzen components
  • exclusive and absolutely unique finishes that stand up to any comparison – especially the premium “marina” finish
  • flat reference class frequency response
  • extraordinary dynamic headroom
  • precise internal damping using several layers of complementary materials
  • bi-amping / bi-wiring option
  • magnetically attached cover grille
Price: 130500
Bass Driver

175 mm AudioBarletta – special impregnated paper membrane, die cast basket, extreme magnetic “motor”, extreme excursion, extreme frequency response, 50 mm voice coil

Mid Bass Driver

175 mm AudioBarletta – light and stiff impregnated paper membrane, die cast basket, extreme magnetic neodymium “motor”, extremely width frequency response, polymeric integrated phase plug, extremely high sensitivity, copper clad flat aluminium wire

High Frequency Driver

AudioBarletta – 29 mm voice coil with copper clad flat aluminium wire, impregnated soft dome, thick copper ring in “motor”, extreme ceramic magnet, labyrinth inside chamber, front die cast chassis with controlled dispersion


Three-ways damped bass-reflex, with 2 rear passive membranes, “Fase Zero” concept, Mundorf components: very low tolerance inductors and army-grade resistors and oil capacitors


Hand-made selected Italian 23 mm massive oak or maple with walnut inserts ( marina finish ), composite bitumen for inner damping, two rear 210 mm passive membranes

Frequency Response

(-3dB on reference axis): 33 – 30000 Hz


2 pair of gold-plated Xavian binding posts: bi-wiring, bi-amping

Nominal Impedance

4 ohms

Crossover Frequencies

350 – 3500 Hz

Sensitivity (2,83V/1m)

90 dB

Recommended Power Amplifier

50 – 400 W

Dimensions (H X W X D)

1050 x 236 x 282 mm

Net Weight (1 Piece)

49 kg