Luna Orange Power Cords 1.5M

Our Luna Orange AC power cable is comprised of 14 gauge tin-plated copper conductors, chosen for their long term electrical stability, while providing sonic focus. The rubberized dielectric absorbs micro vibrations to control resonance while minimizing electromagnetic interactions.  Dielectric paper envelops a rubberized material chosen for its absorption qualities. A tinned copper braided shielding is also used to restrict electromagnetic and radio frequency interactions. The outer insulation is also rubberized. Finally, as with all our cables, the outer jacket is made of unbleached 100% cotton, chosen for its flexibility and supplemental damping of resonance.

Cryogenically treated Wattgate connectors are used to ensure a reliable and secure connection.

The Orange power cable distinguishes itself from the Gris because of its larger gauge and a more substantial insulation throughout.