Luna Rouge Interconnect 1M RCA/XLR

Our Luna Rouge RCA and XLR interconnect cables are comprised of four 22 gauge signature Luna Cables Neo-Vintage (LCNV) waxed cotton dielectric tinned copper conductors and two cotton and oil dielectric 26 gauge solid silver conductors. A supplemental cotton insulator is applied between the conductors and the tinned copper shielding, further minimizing any disturbance of the conductors' magnetic field.  A braided copper shielding is used to restrict electromagnetic and radio frequency interactions. As with all our cables, the outer jacket is made of unbleached and hand-dyed 100% cotton, chosen for its flexibility and supplemental damping of resonance.  Available with RCA, XLR, and DIN connectors.

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RCA 28.000.- XLR 40.000.-