Gold Reference MKII Speaker Cables 2.0M

The all new Gold Reference MKII comes with the latest gold plated resonance control sound enhancement ring.With the latest dimension recalculated from ground up, the weight distribution has been greatly improved.With the new ring, the golden tonality unique to TELOS has been further enhanced. Thus, bringing cleaner textures, blacker background and more dimensional imaging.

Run in using specially designed TELOS OBT cable run-in machine.
The signal has been improved from the first generation of 20 Hz – 20 KHz to the latest 0 Hz – 50 KHz run-in bandwidth. The run-in time has also been increased from 12 hours in the first generation to the current 24 hours.The moment the cables are plugged in, the brand new Gold Reference MKII is able to reach peak performance almost instantaneously.

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Price: 13500