Black reference interconnects cable 1m

~Black Reference Series inherited all the technical knowhow from both the Golden Reference Series and the Platinum Signature Series. All the knowledge and experience from creating the Golden Reference Series and the Platinum Signature Series have been trickled down to develop the Black Reference Series.
The aim of this is to achieve a total price reduction of 50% from the Golden Reference Series, while providing no less than 80% of the performance from the Golden Reference Series. The design and outlookof the Black Reference Series fully conform to the design principles of Telos Audio Design.
The Black Reference Series is uncompromising in terms of materials and every cable is relentlessly handcrafted. The sound of the new Black Reference Series is well balanced, transparent and high in density throughout the extended frequency response. This will break and surpass the performance threshold achieved by any cable within the price bracket, thus, setting the new benchmark for the rest to catch up.

Price: 5500

~The outer shells for the plugs are high-precision CNC milled from pure copper billet; the design is a rigid integral column structure with hollowed central section. When enclasped, the shells effectively shield the power cords from EMI and RF interferences.
The power plug utilizes pure copper pins while the IEC plug utilizes pure copper plating on brass. Thus, ensuring tight contact as well as improved conductivity.
The resonance control sound tuning rings are redesigned from ground up and milled-to-spec to fit the diameter of the new Black Reference Series. The Black Reference Series employs the latest cable configuration from Telos Audio Design.
The Black Reference Series is based on a dark color theme. The initial prototype with anodized aluminum has been upgraded to utilize the higher cost pure copper rings with dark chroming treatment.
Inherited the usage of massive spades from the Golden Reference Series and the Platinum Signature Series to ensure the best conductivity.
The cable configuration has been completely redesigned with the insulation layer utilizing anti-static PVC material. This design effectively eliminates the ailing effects of static current on the musical signal.
The Black Reference Series have been properly run-in by our proprietary cable run-in machine for at least 12 hours before leaving the factory. Users would be able to immediately enjoy the maximum performance of the Black Reference Series.